Retractable Dog Leash with LED Flashlight and Garbage Bag

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These Dog Leashes are AMAZING to work with. Fitted with LED Flashlight you will no longer struggle on dark pathways. This Device also comes with a garbage dispenser therefore taking out the struggle of carrying your own bag separately. This means not only will your hands will have less items to hold but you will also reduce the stress of reminding yourself to carry garbage bags with you. By using this Retractable Dog Leash you will help protect the environment better.

TPE Handles

These Dog Leashes have handles made from high quality TPE meaning you will enjoy the luxury of walking your dogs with ease, as it provides a non-slip surface and comfortable grip that is easy on the hands.

 Fine workmanship

The Dog Leash is Retractable and looks elegant in appearance and has a comfortable grip. It also contains high quality spring core making it a stable and durable choice for walking your dog.

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