RF Signal Hidden Camera Detector Anti Spy

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Model Number : Camera Finder
Model : X13
Charging interface : Type-C
Working time : 25 consecutive hours
Antenna gain : - 56db
Charging power supply : DC5V/1A
Battery : 3.7V/400mA polymer lithium battery
Sensitivity : 5-level adjustable
Receiving frequency range : 1MHz -- 6.5GHz
Signal detection range : 5cm-8m
Optical lens : special special filter

Camera Detector GPS Tracker Pinhole Lens Detect Gadget Anti Bug Listening Device Security Protection for Home Office Travel
1. Adjustable Sensitivity: 5-Levels adjustable threshold, large range of frequency detection. 5-segment bargraph indicator Physical attenuator provides ability to locate strong RF sources.
2. Detector: This product is great at adopting digital reception mode so. It not only broadens the exploration frequency, but also effectively avoids the interference of clutter signals
3. Portable & Easy to Use: With the antenna completely concealed inside this anti camera detector, the size is so small. It's very easy to carry, especially when sweeping in sensitive areas that have hidden cameras.
4. Scope of Application: Detect whether your car or office is equipped with wireless eavesdroppers or wireless eavesdroppers; Detect whether the mobile phone is eavesdropped or abnormal (During standby, transmit signals without any reason; detect whether your car is equipped with GPS tracking eavesdropper and GPS positioning tracker; detect whether your working environment and residential buildings are radiated by the top base station; detect SMS receiving and sending signals, mobile Internet access signals, mobile phone switch and call signals; detect wireless network signals, mobile phone base station signals, and the field strength of wireless monitoring system; detect whether household appliances such as microwave ovens are leaking Harmful electromagnetic radiation to human body; Detect whether there is strong radiation called "cell phone killer" in the environment; Detect whether there are suspicious radio signals in the environment; Detect more concealed 5.8GHZ wireless cameras, wireless eavesdroppers, and wireless monitoring annunciators; Check the wireless pinhole camera in hotels, washrooms, hotels, entertainment places and changing rooms; Business negotiation, school invigilation sites, factories, military facilities or government agencies to prevent eavesdropping; Take money at the AM machine, cinema, concert, art gallery or museum to prevent wireless camera theft; 

Model: X13
Charging interface: Type-C
Working time: 25 consecutive hours
Antenna gain: - 56db
Charging power supply: DC5V/1A
Battery: 3.7V/400mA polymer lithium battery
Sensitivity: 5-level adjustable
Receiving frequency range: 1MHz -- 6.5GHz
Signal detection range: 5cm-8m
Optical lens: special filter
Laser detection range: 10 cm - 6 m
Material: PC
Scanning distance: 1-10m
Functions: horn vibration sound alarm, vibration sensor, anti-theft alarm, flashlight, pinhole camera scanning
Product size: about 108 * 24 * 15mm/4.25 * 0.94 * 0.59inch
Weight: 30g

Product instructions:
A: Detect radio waves (wireless camera/eavesdropper, etc.)
(1) Press and hold the power switch for 3-5 seconds. After hearing the "drip" sound, release your finger and the blue indicator light will light up. When you turn on the machine, it will detect the wireless camera and wireless monitor mode by default.
(2) If the blue light flashes, there will be an audible prompt indicating that there is a source of emission. The more blue indicator lights, the stronger the signal.
(3) Click the sensitivity adjustment button, the more blue lights, the higher the sensitivity, and expand the search range
(4) Cyclically adjust the sensitivity key to reduce the number of blue lights, reduce the sensitivity, reduce the detection range, and finally find the emission source
(5) You can also turn on the vibration mode, press the power on button to switch, and shake 1 time.
B: Detect the invisible camera (it is recommended to turn off the room light)
(1) Short press the "Mode key", the following three infrared lights will light up, and short press the sensitivity adjustment key to control the flashing speed of the red lights. Each time you press the LED sensitivity button, the flashing frequency will increase by one to control the flashing speed of the red light. It can be adjusted circularly to suit the preferences of all kinds of people.
(2) Move the instrument up, down, left and right to scan the surrounding environment, and observe the eyes through the special filter attached to the machine. If there is a camera lens in front of you, you will find a very strong bright spot flashing
C: GPS magnetic field detection.
Press the mode switch green light, close the magnetic field sensing probe to the magnetic field source, the blue light of the host will light up, and the buzzer alarm will also work, indicating that there is a magnetic field or a strong magnetic suspect near the magnetic probe. You can also turn on the vibration mode, press the power on key to switch, and shake 1 time.
TYPE - C charging, red light on when charging, light off when fully charged

Common problem:
1. Why is the silent sleep tracker not detected?
Answer: The commonly used sleep locator works once a day for only 5-7 minutes at a time, so the locator may not send a signal when the detector is detecting wireless signals
2. Why is the position of the real-time locator not accurately detected?
Answer: The real-time locator usually sends a signal for about 10 seconds. Please do not move back and forth during detection. It is better to fix it at one position for more than 5 minutes, and then change another position to continue detection
3. Why does the detector terminal "drip" and "shout
A: Please clear the surrounding environment, because there are too many and too strong surrounding interference signals. Lower one gear
4. Why does the detector at the window of the house scream so loudly?
A: The window is made of aluminum alloy, forming a loop antenna, which can receive signals very well.
5. Why is the camera not detected?
Answer: It is possible that the camera is not working. It is possible that the camera is wired. At this time, infrared light detection is used

Due to the different monitor and light effect, the actual color of the item might be slightly different from the color showed on the pictures. Thank you!
Please allow 1-2cm measuring deviation due to manual measurement.

1 x Detector
1 x Charging Cable

1 x User Manual 


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