Self-Cleaning Hairbrush

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3D air-cushion massageself-cleaning hairbrush, specially designed for straight and curly hair, can gently loosen knots without pulling or breaking hair, help you style and groom your hair, and achieve a variety of styles. one-click to clean the hair loss remaining on the comb, the cleanup is simple and fast, saving your time and effort

Massage Function:
Soft toothed circle hairbrush, simulates the feeling of a finger massage, cares for the scalp, massages perfectly and safely to stimulate your scalp,

Also, increases blood circulation, relieves stress, relaxes muscles, and promotes scalp health 
and hair growth.

Non-Slip Handle:

The round hair brush handle is matte and non-slip, it is made of safe and non-toxic plastic material, and it is smooth to touch and safe to hold without cutting edges. Effective and better control to style your hair.

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